LOS HAITISES NATIONAL PARK HIKE + KAYAKING – Cotubanamá Oficina Administrativa para visititantes


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Hiking 3 Hours and Kayaking Mangroves in Los Haitises National Park with a Local Tour guide from Sabana de la mar. Visiting the Rain forest, Coconuts, Coffee and Cacao areas. Learning about the original history from Los Haitises National Park.

This Hiking Trail + Kayaking Tour start from Caño Hondo/Sabana de La Mar port. We will hike around 3 hours along the Humid Forest in the Los Haitises National Park.


You will learn about the medicinal plants of this area, see the broadleaf forest primary and secondary Los Haitises National Park mountains and at the same time reach the spring of the Jivales River from which the waters of the natural pools of Eco-lodge Caño Hondo. Then we take the equipment required for your safety (Lifejackets, etc), kayaks and going through mangrove swamps. You will see some bird-filled mangroves, rolling hills of lush vegetation. Through the mangroves and Land at the open San Lorenzo Bay, from where you can photograph the rugged forest landscape.

After an initial walk through fields and farmlands, you will begin to walk by the Coconut and Cacao Forest.  Getting every minute inside of the primary and unique conserve forest area inside of Los Haitises National Park. Come with Booking Adventures and start checking some Endemics Birds, Mammals and Plants species, rolling hills of lush vegetation and caves of Los Haitises National Park.


The national park’s name comes from its original inhabitants, the Taino Indians. In their language “Haitises” translates to highlands or Hills, a reference to the coastline’s steep geological formations with Limestones. Adventure deeper into the park to explore caves such as the Cueva de la Arena and Cueva de la Línea. You can match the boat tour with the Hiking trip. Just Contact us.

Caves in the reserve were used as shelter by the Taino Indians and, later, by hiding pirates. Look for drawings by Indians that decorate some of the walls. In the Rain Forest, there are more than 700 hundreds species of plants, we try to teach visitors about all medical plants that we know in this hiking trail.

Come to learn, Hike and enjoy the real nature of Los Haitises National Park.

What’s include

  • Hiking 3 or 4 Hours
  • Tour Guide in English or Spanish
  • Rain Forest
  • Cacao Forest
  • Mangroves Forest
  • Dolphins and Manatees ( Not present always)
  • Lifejackets
  • Fees entrances
  • Caves
  • Rocky islands
  • Cano Hondo River
  • San Lorenzo Bay


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Last Admission 16.00